Friday, February 4, 2011

Templates and Other Rules

The thing about Pokemon is that the games and anime are very inconsistent; not just with each other but within each work. It's never made clear how fast Pokemon age, or how much more powerful Pokemon are than human beings. They change sizes and weights whenever the plot needs them to. Because of these factors, the GM is required to adjust the templates and see if he and I made the same assumptions. But before I discuss each template, I will discuss a new limitation.

Dramatic [-10%]
This is a limitation intended to be used with Shrinking or Growth. Your ability to change sizes is both unconscious and unnoticeable; the change is triggered whenever the GM feels it would fit the scene, and no one notices that you changed sizes, not even you.

This is intended for Pokemon whose size is inconsistent, like Ash's Charizard tended to be.

Anime-esque Pokemon
You are a Pokemon. Only other Pokemon can even come close to defeating you in combat. Strangely, humans, despite being as weak as they are, rule the world. They even treat you as if they are better than you. Sometimes you attack them, just to show them who's strongest, but you always 'dial it down'.

In especially anime-esque games, certain Pokemon will want Control, Create, and especially broad and powerful innate attacks with Selectivity. In these kind of games, you might want to allow players to add multiple elemental types to attacks with Selectivity; each one after the first gives no discount.
Anime-esque Pokemon [95 + 50 * X]
   All attacks have Selectivity [10%]
    Injury Tolerance (Unliving) [20]
   Unaging [15]
   Unkillable 1 [50]
  Optional Traits:
      Control [5-80]
      Create [5-80]
      Social Stigma (Perceived as an animal) [-10]
      Cannot Speak [-15]

You train Pokemon, either for battle or contests. Your Pokemon are your first, last, and only line of defense, so you focus on being able to direct them.

Trainer [20]
   Allies (Various Pokemon) [8]
   Pokemon Empathy (Like Animal Empathy) [5]
   [-15] from Disadvantages:
      Charitable [-7 to -15]
      Code of Honor (Never order a Pokemon to kill, never steal a Pokemon) [-15]
      Dependent (A weak or sickly Pokemon) [-1 to -15]
      Enemy (Evil Organization, Rival, etc) [-1 to -15]
       Expression [-1]
      Guilt Complex [-5]
      Indecisive [-5 to -15]
      Jealousy [-10]
      Low Self-Image [-10]
      Overconfidence [-2 to -10]
      Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]
      Phobia [-2 to -15]
      Sense of Duty (All Pokemon) [-15]
      Sense of Duty (Your Pokemon) [-5]
      Social Stigma (Minor) [-5]
      Social Stigma (Uneducated) [-5]
      Stubbornness [-5]
      Vow (Any, minor) [-1]
      Weirdness Magnet [-15]
      Workoholic [-5]
   [22] from Skills
      Bicycling DX/E
      Cooking IQ/A
      Gesture IQ/E
      Group Performance(Fight Choreography) IQ/A
      Herb Lore/TL IQ/VH
      Tactics IQ/H
      Teaching IQ/A
      Teamster(Any) IQ/A
      Thrown Weapon(Ball) DX/E
      Weather Sense/TL IQ/A

Rescue Team Member
You are a member of a Pokemon Rescue Team. You and your teammates hunt down outlaws and rescue stranded Pokemon. In order to be a member of a rescue team you must have both a sharp body and mind.

Rescue Team Member [30]
    Eye for Distance [1]
    [15] from Mental Advantages
        Absolute Direction [5]
        Absolute Timing [2]
        Combat Reflexes [15]
        Common Sense [10]
        Cultural Adaptability [10]
        Danger Sense [15]
        Dirty Fighting [1]
        Fearlessness [1]
        Fearsome Stare [1]
        Shtick(Any) [1]
        Single-Minded [5]
    [15] from Physical Advantages
        Acute Sense (Any) [2]
        Ambidexterity [5]
        Deep Sleeper [1]
        Extended Hearing [1]
        Extra Fatigue Points [3]
        Fit [5 or 15]
        Hard to Subdue 1 or 2 [2 or 4]
        Increased Perception [5]       
        Penetrating Voice [1]
    [12] from Attacking, Traveling, or Delving Skills or Techniques
    [4] from Attack Skills or Techniques
        Brawling DX/E
        Dropping DX/A
        Innate Attack (Any) DX/E
        Judo DX/H
        Karate DX/H
        Throwing DX/A
        Wrestling DX/A
        Or any techniques of these skills
    [4] from Delving Skills or Techniques
        Climbing DX/A
        Forced Entry DX/E
        Gesture IQ/E
        Lifting HT/A
        Lip Reading Per/A
        Naturalist (Earthlike) IQ/H
        Survival (Any) Per/A
        Urban Survival Per/A
        Weather Sense IQ/A
        Or any techniques of these skills
    [4] from Traveling Skills or Techniques
        Acrobatics DX/H
        Aerobatics DX/H
        Aquabatics DX/H
        Flight HT/A
        Hiking HT/A
        Mount DX/A
        Riding (Any) DX/A
        Running HT/A
        Skating HT/H
        Skiing HT/H
        Swimming HT/E
        Or any techniques of these skills
    [-25] from Disadvantages
        Autophobia (Being Alone) [-30 to -7]
        Chummy [-5]
        Easy to Read [-10]
        Expression [-1]
        Kleptomania [-30 to -7]
        Noisy 1 or 2 [-2 or -4]
        On the Edge [-30 to -7]
        Overconfidence [-10 TO -2]
        Sense of Duty (Rescue Teammates) [-5]
        Third Person [-1]
        Trickster  [-30 to -7]
        Weirdness Magnet [-15]

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